International mobility is a real personal and professional challenge.

Support is sometimes necessary to deal with situations that go beyond our cultural framework.

Coaching is then an effective method to enrich your professional relationships, analyzing your skills in this new cultural environment and optimizing the success of the mission.

The IACĀ® (International Association of Coaching) certified coach will guide you in the analysis of the situation you want to improve, in the development of measurable and achievable objectives as well as the exploration of realistic methods to achieve such objectives. It helps you discover your own resources to develop new practices, to adopt a mode of operation that is quickly applicable in a new multicultural context.

In order to successfully meet the challenges of an expatriation position we offer personalized and contextualized coaching to:

  • Quickly make essential changes to adapt
  • Develop your intercultural management potential
  • Accelerate taking up a position in an international environment
  • Assert the legitimacy of your position in a multicultural context
  • Deal with unexpected situations and develop your reactivity
  • Manage your multicultural teams
  • Broaden your vision
  • Manage conflicts and crisis situations
  • Prepare and enhance your repatriation