Being an accompanying spouse is not always an easy position. To take full advantage of your expatriation along with all its benefits, we advise you and offer you personalized and contextualized coaching support for:

Adapting to your new environment

Evaluate expectations, demystify barriers to integration, find resources and levers for adapting to a different cultural context in order to use them on a daily basis.

Strengthening your integration

Develop your curiosity, go beyond first impressions, detect leads on social integration in a new context.

Developing your business in a new country

Defining tastes, expectations, developing your project according to a realistic roadmap, measuring progress and achieving a stable activity.

Holding the keys to the success of your family’s expatriation

Measure the impact of expatriation on the family, find its place in the expatriate family, and support the development of each member.

Carrying out your project

Define your expectations, build your project using a multi-criteria method, detect your resources and develop your action plan, complete your project.

Preparing and enhancing your return from expatriation

Re-land smoothly in your country, find your family and friends, reintegrate into professional life and support your family in the process of returning from expatriation.