Each expatriation is a new adventure. Expatriating or changing countries is preparing to live this enriching experience serene way.

We offer the following workshops, presented below:

Expatriation Workshop: Be ready!

To adapt quickly it is necessary to anticipate potential obstacles, in order to better know your skills and to improve them. The “Be Ready!“ Workshop will give you the keys to use and the strategies to put in place to optimize your adaptation and integration into your new life from the very first day.

The workshop on challenges in a context of international mobility includes the following modules:

  • Managing culture shock: understanding, symptoms and strategies to overcome it
  • Identifying obstacles to integration into a new environment
  • Adaptation mechanisms and adequate skills
  • The tools for effective communication
  • Tips for successful expatriation
  • Sharing experiences

This workshop can gather several expatriates and their spouses or be personalized.

Expatriation Workshop: Get organized!

A workshop to prepare with you the organization of your departure as well as your arrival in a new country.

The logistics of expatriation are often complex and this period requires a lot of personal investment. Let’s work together to develop a plan of attack that will include all the components of change, according to a pre-established timetable adapted to each, to avoid pre-departure turbulences and prepare for a soft landing.

The workshop on preparing for your international mobility covers the following topics in particular:

  • The logistics of departure and arrival
  • Search for accommodation
  • Schooling of children
  • Moving
  • Goods remaining in your country
  • Health
  • Preparing the family
  • Task planning
  • Support organizations
  • Essential networks in the city of arrival
  • Organization of the installation
  • Your new daily life

This workshop can gather several expatriates and their spouses or be personalized for your own needs.