We offer workshops specially designed for the youngest according to their age and interests.

Dynamic and interactive, these workshops are independent one of another and are adapted to their audience. They follow a method of games, exchanges as well as experience sharing and feedback.

The topics covered during these workshops are:

Prepare for departure

Take stock of concerns and expectations, discover the new environment, understand separation and develop coping skills

Live your expatriation well

Learn how to optimize the benefits of change, to enjoy your new environment and to overcome the difficulties of integration

Build new relationships and make new friends

Explore avenues for meeting new people, find a mentor, develop your relational skills with a new entourage and build a network of solid friendships

Adapt in all circumstances

Assess your strengths and weaknesses in terms of adaptation, improve your integration skills and take a comprehensive look at the environment

Master a new language

Communicating to understand language as a vector for adaptation, having fun in another language

Discover a new culture

Take a curious and enthusiastic look on the outside, decode attitudes and behaviors, open up to fit into your new environment, overcome stereotypes

Prepare for return

Anticipate and manage separations, live in a culture that one knows little about but which is the native culture, get back on track in a friendly and family environment, know the obstacles of return and prepare to overcome them.